M109A6 Paladin, M777A2 Towed Howitzer… Primer Removal Made Easy

Crewmen, a stuck or ruptured primer can shut a fire mission down fast. But that can happen during top-level firing with the M109A6 Paladin and the M777A2 towed howitzer.
Two tools are being added to the basic issue items (BII) for the Paladin and the M777A2. The ruptured primer extraction tool (PET), NSN 1025-01-530-5873, and primer removal tool, NSN 4933-01-646-5946, will help get your howitzer back in the fight in a hurry.
The following procedures for removing stuck and ruptured primers will be added to the TMs:
Stuck Primer Removal (Most Common)
1. Insert the drift end of the primer removal tool into the muzzle side of the spindle primer hole.

Fig 1 Primer Removal Tool
2. Push the tool in until contact is made with the primer casing.
3. Push primer out manually using the palm of your hand or by tapping on the large end of the tool with a hammer. Remove the primer magazine (M777A2 only).
Ruptured Primer Removal
1. Insert the PET through the breech end of the primer vent hole. Turn the tool slowly until the tap screws are secured into the ruptured primer’s casing.

Fig 2 Ruptured Primer Tool
2. Tap the handle with a brass hammer until the casing is securely gripped.
3. Quickly move the tool’s slide hammer from side to side to remove the stuck primer casing.
After either procedure, be sure to clean and lube the breech and bore evacuator just like it says in the TM.


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