Communications…DAGRs Now Managed by CECOM

For years, Army units returned unserviceable defense advanced GPS receivers (DAGRs) to Rockwell Collins for contractor depot support. Not anymore.

Army DAGR sustainment management has transitioned from position, navigation and timing (PNT) to CECOM. CECOM (B16) is now the source of supply (SOS).

Ship DAGRs to the wrong place and you may have to pay to have them forwarded to the proper depot. Misdirected DAGRs will also mean a delay in getting replacement items to your unit.

AN/PSN-13 DAGRs, NSN 5825-01-516-8038, are obsolete because they can’t be updated to the current operating software. Follow the phase-out instructions in MWO 11-5820-1172-50-1 (30 Dec 11). You’re required to turn in your -13 DAGRs to the Electronic Proving Ground (EPG) at Ft Huachuca, AZ. For further instructions and to request a replacement AN/PSN-13A DAGR, send an email to:

If your unit has unserviceable AN/PSN-13A DAGRs and need replacements, contact the CECOM Item Manager for shipping instructions:


Mixing Up DAGRs

Some units are misidentifying DAGRs on their MTOE. Being able to tell the difference between the AN/PSN-13 and the -13A DAGR is essential, especially if they need to be turned in for replacement or repair.

All AN/PSN-13 DAGRs have serial numbers between 1 and 12415. DAGRs with serial numbers greater than 12415 are AN/PSN-13As. Look at your DAGR’s data plate to find the serial number and nomenclature.

      Packing and Shipping DAGRs

Follow these instructions for packing and shipping your DAGRs:

  1. Delete the Crypto-key using MENU choices, not the “Emergency Zeroize” function. Reference the DAGR’s TM 11-5820-1172-13&P (May 14). If your DAGR is inoperable, remove and reinstall the AA memory to make sure you have deleted the crypto-key.
  2. Remove the main power batteries from the battery pack and immediately reinstall the empty primary battery pack to seal the DAGR from moisture.

NOTE: If present, leave the 3.6 volt, 1/2 AA memory battery installed. The memory battery allows the repair shop to read diagnostic codes.

  1. Package the receiver in a reusable shipping container whenever possible to protect it from damage. Do not stack DAGRs on top of each other without packaging. The DAGR displays may be damaged and you could void any remaining warranty.
  2. Make sure you provide all essential information with the DAGR. A DD Form 1149 is recommended, but at a minimum, include:
  • a unit point of contact and a commercial phone number.
  • a complete return shipping address with building number, not just the DODAAC.
  • comments on what you think may be wrong with the DAGR. For example, how long was the DAGR operating prior to failure?

This helps the repair shop with diagnosis and repair.

  1. Ship by FedEx, UPS or Certified Mail. Pages 72-75 in Chap 205 of the Defense Transportation Regulation tells how to ship controlled inventory items by code (CIIC). The DAGR falls under CIIC Y on Page 73. No protective services are required, so you can use routine commercial carriers for shipment to a designated US Government location.
  2. Remember the following when returning a DAGR:

-Don’t return a DAGR without an empty main battery pack.

-Don’t return DAGR accessories.

-Don’t remove the memory battery.

-Don’t throw DAGRs into a box without adequate packing.

-Don’t send DAGRs to DLA Disposition Services.

Need assistance or have questions? Contact the CECOM Item Manager at DSN 848-2984 or (443) 861-2984. You can also contact the Army DAGR Sustainment Management office at DSN 468-9511 or (478) 926-9511.


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