Buffaloing Enemy Mines

The Buffalo M1272 route clearance vehicle is as good as it gets for clearing mines. But these checks can help your Buffalo roam even better:

In cold weather, let the fluid warm up before moving the steering wheel (about 30 minutes). Follow the CAUTION placard on the instrument panel: DO NOT FORCE THE STEERING WHEEL TO TURN WHILE VEHICLE IS STATIONARY. That can cause power steering cooler leaks.

Put antiseize compound on the engine access cover handle threads at least every two months. Without the antiseize compound, it’s easy to crossthread or over-torque the handles. Eventually they break off.

Don’t yank on the air tank pressure relief cables. That breaks the cable after enough yanks. It takes hours to replace a cable. Pull on the cable just until you hear air come out. That’s far enough.

Check during PMCS that the fasteners on the center console switch panel are present and secure. The wing-head fasteners (stud, NSN 5325-00-767-8125; retainer, NSN 5330-00-190-1095) usually work loose and disappear. That can leave the panel hanging. But when you tighten the fasteners, don’t muscle up. It’s easy to strip them out. Just turn the 8 wing-head fasteners 90 degrees clockwise to secure the center switch panel to the center dashboard.

Careful with the interrogation arm when you move it to the driver’s side.

The arm must pass close to the vehicle. If you’re not alert, you can hit the hood and break the arm’s hydraulic fittings.

Make sure to hit the cradle when you

stow the arm. If you miss the cradle, you can tear up the hydraulic lines in the steel channel.


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