Stryker…Tighten Drain Plugs the Right Way

Closing the 15 drain plugs on the hull of your Stryker seems like a simple thing. And it is. But if you get it wrong, you have problems.

Some crewmen close them too loosely. That lets the plugs vibrate loose and they hang below the hull. The plugs end up being knocked off by rocks and brush and their Stryker takes on water at the next fording.

Other crewmen close ‘em up real tight, thinking a tight plug won’t come loose on rough terrain. You’ll see them in the motor pool, huffin’ and puffin’ trying to get the plugs off.

The right way is to use antiseize compound on the threads before installing the plugs. That lets you tighten the plugs enough to keep them from vibrating loose, but makes them easier to loosen when you need to. Get a 4-oz tube of antiseize compound with NSN 8030-00-059-2761.

Make sure you put the compound on the plug’s threads and on the threaded portion of the hull. That way, all the threads are coated and the plugs won’t stick.

Hull Plugs


One Comment on “Stryker…Tighten Drain Plugs the Right Way”

  1. Ah – PMCS: it can be such a lost art…

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