Maintenance Management . . .MMIS Revamps User Roles

If you use the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) in the Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW), chances are you’ve noticed several changes over the last few years.

The improvements continue. MMIS has been updated to make it more user- friendly, efficient and responsive.

All existing MMIS capabilities are still available.   If you already have an approved MMIS role in LIW, the transition will be seamless. There’s no need to submit a new user request.

However, as part of the latest update, MMIS roles were revamped and are more descriptive and comprehensive.

There are now four roles available to customers: MMIS Basic, MMIS Reporter (replaced MMIS Supervisor), MMIS Commodity Manager (replaced MMIS LCMC), and MMIS Depot.

The MMIS Basic role is included in LIW basic permissions. This read-only role lets the user view compliance/ reporting status, as well as published messages.

The MMIS Reporter role allows the user to enter confirmation and completion information for modification and safety messages, in addition to the permissions granted to the Basic role.

The MMIS Commodity Manager role allows the user to enter materiel change number (MCN) information and monitor the message library, and includes the permissions from MMIS Basic and MMIS Reporter roles. This role is restricted to commodity managers.

The MMIS Depot role allows the user to perform mass updates of equipment, receiving modifications at the depot level in addition to the permissions included in MMIS Basic and MMIS Reporter. This role is restricted to select personnel at depot level.

Submit requests for any of the above roles by going to:

Click New User Registration, then on the next screen choose the “My Permissions” tab. Search for MMIS in the Keyword Search box. Select the role you want and give appropriate justification in the explanation field.

For MMIS questions or help, email:


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