Maintenance Management…Got MSD Questions? Get Answers!

Many of you know by now that the maintenance support device (MSD)-V2 is phasing out and the MSD-V3 is being fielded.

Here’s more info on these changes, and how and where to get support for your MSD or related equipment.


Some MSD-V2s are no longer supported by the manufacturer, VT Miltope. They can’t be upgraded to the Windows 7 operating system (OS), which is necessary to run new software updates and the latest interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs). This makes them NMC.

Here’s how to identify unserviceable MSD-V2 models. Obsolete versions:

  • are missing the silver “VT Miltope” tag on the bottom of the screen bezel.
  • are PN 714000.
  • have a mother board serial number that ends in 855 or lower.

For the MSD-V2s that aren’t obsolete and still in service, the only solution to no Windows 7 OS support is to wait for the Windows 7 update release, expected in December 2015.

There’s an official letter of instruction (LOI) with guidance for turning in MSDs. The LOI is located on the PD TMDE website at:

  • Click the green text Login to MSD Homepage and log in with your CAC email certificate
  • Click the Customer Support Portal link
  • Click Technical Bulletins and download the May 2015 LOI.


The fielding of MSD-V3 continues, but there aren’t enough available for every unit.

Some units need to keep MSD-V2s for mission support. However, the LOI notes that keeping MSD-V2s on the property book means that your unit may not get replacement MSD-V3s when they’re available.

Where to Get Help

For help with MSDs or related equipment, contact the MSD help desk. They can assist with:

  • warranty and maintenance repair services
  • hardware and software issues
  • the internal combustion engine (ICE) or smart wireless internal combustion engine (SWICE) software, firmware and calibration problems
  • equipment fielding issues
  • login/password resets
  • MSD ULLS-A machine problems

Submit a customer support request (CSR) at:

  • Click the green text Login to MSD Homepage (Select email certificate on your CAC)
  • Click Customer Support Portal
  • Click Customer Service Requests
  • Press “Add” button icon to generate a new CSR help ticket
  • Once all fields are completed, select the green text Apply-Save to submit the CSR
  • Your CSR will go to the appropriate tier level of support. A case number will be assigned and emailed to you so you can track the progress at the MSD homepage.

For help or questions, call the MSD help desk at (877) 564-1137, (256) 876-2200, or email:


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