M12 Fuel Lines Changing

The next time your M12A1 decon needs new return fuel lines, don’t go by the procedure in WP 0047 of TM 3-4230-237-23&P. The procedure for installing the fuel lines and the fuel line NSNs have changed.

Here’s what you need:

  • Fuel return line-injector, NSN 4720-01-628-0099
  • Fuel return line-pump, NSN 4720-01-628-0092
  • Banjo bolt, NSN 4730-01-630-1621
  • Valve cover gasket, NSN 5330-15-001-8495
  • Machine screw, NSN 5305-01-593-7762
  • Flat washer, NSN 5310-01-508-3313
  • Flat washer, NSN 5330-01-593-7760

To see the new fuel return line removal and installation instructions, go to:


Under Protection in the left-hand column, click on M12A1 Power Driven Decontaminating Apparatus. The click on M12 Fuel Return Line Training.ppt.

If your M12A1 return fuel lines are working, leave them alone. These NSNs and this procedure are only for fuel lines that need to be replaced.

Questions? Contact Emily Santiago at DSN 786-1680, (586) 282-1680, or email:



2 Comments on “M12 Fuel Lines Changing”

  1. Baker, Kenneth Eugene (Ken) CIV USARMY ASC 404 AFSB (US) says:



    Thanks, and I had not until this article – no information flowing out to us from our PMs and it’s sad that we aren’t appropriately/timely informed!{:<}

    v/r ken

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