M119A3 Towed Howitzer… Power Cable Design Changed

The 8W0 cable assembly, NSN 5995-01-604-0451, is an important component that connects the M119A3 towed howitzer’s fire control computer (FCC) to the artillery power distribution assembly (APDA).

The cable now has a new design, so it looks a little different from the old cable. Which cable you get when you order a replacement depends on what’s available in supply.

8WO Cable

But don’t let that throw you. Both cables work just the same and there’s no difference in how the cables are installed or removed.

Crewmen and mechanics, the 8W0 cable is shown as Item 3 in Fig 1 of TM 9-1015-260-24 (May 13 w/Ch 1, Jan 15). If you get a new cable you think is bad, follow the troubleshooting procedures in the -24 TM.

If the cable is bad, file a product quality deficiency report (PQDR). File PQDRs through the product data reporting and evaluation program (PDREP). Access PDREP at:



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