Get Your Bradley Schematics Here!

Mechanics, troubleshooting a really difficult problem with a Bradley gets a whole lot easier when you have the schematics. They’ll guide you through all of the Bradley’s subsystems to make finding and fixing problems a cinch.

You can find a complete set of schematics for all Bradley vehicles in TB 9-2350-408-23, Field Maintenance Schematics (Jul 13), at the LOGSA ETM website:

But you can also access them through TM 9-2350-408-13&P (IETM EM 0356, Apr 15). Here’s how:

  1. Click EMS NG
  2. Click on the + button next to Bradley FOV
  3. Choose either Operator or Field Maintenance
  4. Choose the appropriate vehicle
  5. Click How to Use This IETM
  6. Under Table of Contents, click on Field Maintenance or Operators Manual
  7. Click on TB 9-2350-408-23
  8. Click OK to open TB

The schematic drawings start after the foldout figures listing.

You can get the IETM free through the Army Publishing Directorate (APD) or by downloading from the LOGSA ETM website.

Units, set up a publications account by emailing a completed DA Form 12 to

APD’s Account Processing Team at:

Once your account is set up, order the IETM through the Point & Click Ordering System at:

To order, click Search and fill out the form.

Pages 48-51 of PS 746 (Jan 15) have instructions for downloading IETMs:


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