Publications…New DA Form 12 Required

If your unit has an Army publications account or wants one, here’s important news to know.

You’ll need to complete and submit a DA Form 12, Request for Establishment of a Publications Account (Mar 15), when opening a pubs account or making changes to an existing one. The new version of the form requires digital signatures. Prior versions are obsolete and no longer accepted.

This change applies to pub orders and subscriptions for the Army in Europe Publishing & Library System (AEPUBS), which covers units that are stationed in Europe and the Middle East or supported by the Army in Europe during deployment, as well as the Directorate of Logistics (DOL), which covers all other CONUS/OCONUS units.

An official DA Form 12 is needed whenever you change pubs account info. Just changing info on the DOL’s Point and Click website or on the AEPUBS website will not update your pubs account. If your unit’s address has changed, for example, you’ll need to mark the 3b “Change” box on DA Form 12 and fill out Section III.

AKO email addresses are no longer valid on any pubs accounts. Use only Enterprise email addresses ( Make sure that the unit pubs POC on file with DOL or AEPUBS is current.

Publication Accounts in Europe or the Middle East


Follow the instructions at:

Email the completed DA Form 12 to AEPUBS at:


For help, contact AEPUBS customer service at DSN (314) 496-5824 or email them at the address above.

All Other Publication Accounts

   Visit DOL’s Point and Click website (CAC required) at:

To start or edit a pubs account, download the new DA Form 12:


Email the completed form to DOL:

If you need help, contact DOL customer service at DSN 693-9606, (314) 592-0910 or email them at the address above.


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