M1231 VMMD Husky . . .Be in the Know Before You Tow

Listen up, operators and mechanics! How you tow a disabled Husky vehicle mounted mine detection (VMMD) system is a big deal. Do it the wrong way and the Husky will suffer even more damage.

Always flat-tow the Husky!

Keep in mind that the Husky’s wheel modules are designed to break away from the hull in a blast event. That’s to help protect the vehicle operator.

But if you lift-tow a disabled HUSKY, the force exerted on the wheel module is similar to a blast event. The vehicle frame’s frangible bolts, which hold the front and rear modules to the hull, break away from the hull and the wheel modules separate.

End result: The Husky drops, causing damage to the vehicle’s hull and possibly injuring you!

TACOM is adding a new work package to TM 9-2355-316-10. “Introduction to Preparation for Recovery and Tiedown Procedures” will also include a statement that reads:


Lift-towing the M1231 HUSKY can result in injury and/or death to personnel.

Here’s the key point to remember: Recovery teams and route clearance units will recover the M1231 HUSKY by flat-tow only. Lift-towing the HUSKY is not authorized.


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