ASV Team Needs Your Help

The Armored Security Vehicle sustainment team needs your help. They’re checking on what MWOs have been applied to each M1117 armored security vehicle (ASV) so the Modification Management Information System (MMIS) database can be brought up to date.

The ASV team asks that you physically check for each MWO application, not just the MWO tag, and update the MMIS database. You’ll find MMIS on the LOGSA LIW website:

Here is a list of all ASV MWOs, along with artwork showing each application for quick recognition. Questions? Contact TACOM’s Kevin Fritz at DSN 786-8873, (586) 282-8873 or by email:

9-2320-307-23-1 VSRC ASV126 ASV2723 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-55-1 AFES ASV109 ASV2464 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-13 Master Battery Disconnect ASV132 ASV2880 ALL
9-2320-307-50-13 Upper Rear Door Torsion Bar ASV111 ASV2464 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-18 Seatbelt Retrofit ASV101 ASV1603 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-15 Emergency Crew Extraction ASV093 ASV2464 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-17 Trans Switch Interlock Ground ASV087 ASV1272 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-40-1 Side Door Torsion Bar Cover ASV105R1 ASV1898 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-16 Hydraulic Seat Improvement ASV066 ASV1048 PM ASV ALL
9-2320-307-23-6-9 Skid Plate ASV134 ASV2543
9-2320-307-23-10 AC panel ASV124 ASV1948

MWO 9-2320-307-23-1 -Variable Slew Rate Controller (VSRC). This can be recognized by the joystick controller used to traverse the turret.


MWO 9-2320-307-55-1 – Crew AFES. This is recognized by finding the manual discharge and fire bottles installed on the front left wheel well of the driver’s side of the vehicle.


MWO 9-2320-307-23-1 – Master Battery Disconnect Switch. This is recognized by a switch installed on the front of the battery box. The battery box is on the right when entering the driver’s side door.


MWO 9-2320-307-50-13 – Upper Rear Door Torsion Bar. You’ll find this by lifting the rear upper door to the tunnel compartment. If there is an assist device, the MWO has been installed.


MWO 9-2320-307-23-18 – Seatbelt Retrofit. This can be identified by the location of the seatbelt tensioners. New tensioners are mounted at the bottom of the seat as opposed to the top. Also, the new seatbelt manufacturer is Indiana Mills. Seatbelts manufactured by AM-Safe are no longer authorized.

Indian Mills

A properly outfitted seatbelt configuration:


MWO 9-2320-307-23-15 – Emergency Crew Extraction. This can be recognized by the sliding bar between the gun port and the handle on the upper side doors. Also, the extraction tool will be mounted on the underside of the winch hatch.


MWO 9-2320-307-23-17 – Transmission Switch Interlock Ground, (Can be identified by the installation of the proximity switch located on the parking brake pedal support bracket, item 11).


MWO 9-2320-307-40-1 – Side Door Torsion Bar Cover. This can be identified by checking for an angled flange on the torsion bar cover where the cover meets the hull below the side door opening.

New Cover

new cover

Old Cover

old cover

MWO 9-2320-307-23-16 – Hydraulic Seat Improvement. This is easily identified by the type of seat controller used.

Old Seat Controller

Old seat control

New Seat Controller

new seat cont

MWO 9-2320-307-23-6-9 – Skid Plate Modification. This can be identified by visual inspection of the skid plate.

           Old Skid Plate Configuration


New Skid Plate Configuration


MWO 9-2320-307-23-10 – Rear A/C Panel Modification. Remove the one securing screw to the rear A/C unit and swing it open. Look at the three screws marked as Item #4 below. If they are flat head rather than hex head (as in Item #1), the modification has been completed.



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