Publications. . .milWiki Needs Your Expertise

Ever wish you could weigh in on Army doctrine? Or maybe you didn’t even know that you can.

During the Army’s Doctrine 2015 initiative, a new doctrine level was created called Army Techniques Publications (ATPs).

The Army reduced the number of field manuals (FMs) and all remaining knowledge transitioned to ATPs. One advantage is that the Army can update ATPs faster than FMs. Another advantage is that the field can contribute its expertise and input directly to ATPs.

Because direct input is critical in doctrine development, Soldiers and Army civilians are invited to contribute to ATPs through milWiki, a web-based doctrine development tool. milWiki allows a virtual universal review and comments on all existing ATPs.

Anyone with change recommendations can have his voice heard in milWiki. Recommended changes that are deemed valid by the proponent can be quickly incorporated as part of a scheduled revision or even through an unscheduled change.

Note that all ATP modifications posted on milWiki are drafts and not considered official doctrine until they are validated and approved by the appropriate proponent, and also authenticated by the Army Publishing Directorate.

Do your part to keep Army doctrine updated and relevant for those in the field today. Access milWiki directly (you’ll need a CAC) at:

Take the milWiki tutorial to get your feet wet: Tutorial


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