Longer Shelf Life for Some Tire and Wheel Assemblies

The shelf life (SL) for more than 80 tire and wheel assemblies has increased to 6 years (72 months). This change applies to assemblies under federal supply class (FSC) 2530 and pneumatic tires under FSC 2610.

These assemblies are now assigned a Type II (extendible) SL code of “X”, and the component tires with a Type I (non-extendible) SL code “I” in various logistics information systems.

This means that the assemblies, if not placed into service before their inspect/test dates, must be shipped to designated maintenance repair facilities so that the tires and other items that deteriorate can be replaced.

The original date of manufacture (DOM) should be marked on the packaging. But it can also be identified by the last four digits (week/year) of the DOT serial number stamped in the tire’s sidewall. The SL inspect/test date can be figured by adding 72 months to the DOM. It will expire on the last day of that month. For more guidance, see Page 12 of PS 735:


Take note that some assemblies will keep an SL of 5 years or 60 months. Those assemblies will have an SL code of “9” Type II. The tires will have an SL code of “S” Type I.

DOD’s Shelf-Life Extension System (SLES) has also been updated with SL code changes and instructions. Be sure to check the SLES for the correct SL codes for specific assemblies or tires. Visit:


TACOM LCMC will issue a maintenance information memorandum with additional detailed field guidance. You can also read Pages 54-57 in PS 745 for a step-by-step guide to using DOD’s SLES:


For more info on this topic or other shelf-life issues, contact the Logistics Support Activity’s Packaging, Storage and Containerization Center at DSN 796-7685/7144, (570) 615-7685/7144, or email:



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