Logistics Management . . .Downloadable FED LOG Saves Army Dollars

Good news! FED LOG is now available as a downloadable product from the Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) Logistics Information Service.

FED LOG has been offered on CD-ROM/DVDs for many years. But that means hard copy discs have to be mailed to subscribers. Now   Soldiers and Department of the Army civilians can download FED LOG free without a subscription. No more waiting on discs!

Two downloadable FED LOG versions are available: “Complete” and “Lite.” The complete version has the same info found on the standard CD-ROM/DVD. The lite version is about half the size of the complete one, so it downloads quicker. Another difference is that the lite version doesn’t include product characteristics, CAGE codes or history data.

FED LOG discs will still be offered via the regular subscription process through the Logistics Support Activity’s (LOGSA) Logistics Integrated Warehouse (LIW) portal using the FED LOG icon.

Additionally, customers can still view FED LOG without a subscription via the LIW portal. Select App Warehouse, click on the FED LOG icon, and then press the “Go to Application” button.

To access LIW, go to:


First-time users will need to submit a System Access Request (SAR).

However, downloadable versions offer substantial cost savings for the Army. So to help the Army stretch its budget, if you’re a current FED LOG subscriber, make sure to cancel your disc subscription before you download a new version.

In the LIW portal, choose the FED LOG Addressing System button (FEDLOG ADDR), log in to your account and submit a cancellation. If you don’t already have this button showing on your portal, add it from the App Warehouse first.

Then download FED LOG from the Department of Defense’s Electronic Mall (DOD EMALL) website. For EMALL access, information and account registration, go to:


For EMALL help, call 1-877-352-2255 (CONUS), (269) 961-7766 (OCONUS), or email:



One Comment on “Logistics Management . . .Downloadable FED LOG Saves Army Dollars”

  1. Todd says:

    I have an eMall account but I cannot find the FEDLOG download. Any suggestions?

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