DISE MEL Drops to Zero

Take note of an important change, units. CECOM LCMC reviewed the maintenance expenditure limit (MEL) for the M40, M60, M100 and M200 distribution illumination systems, electrical (DISE). CECOM determined that the MEL of 25 percent listed in TB 43-0002-32 (Jul 95) is too high for these systems.

The TB is under revision. In the meantime, note that the MEL percentage for the following older DISE systems is now zero:

Nomenclature NSN 6150-
Distribution system elec: 120V 1PH 60 AMP 01-208-9752
Distribution system elec: 120/208V 3PH 40 AMP 01-208-9753
Feeder system electrical: 3PH 100 AMP 01-208-9754
Feeder system electrical: 3PH 200 AMP 01-208-9755

PM-E2S2 has fielded the newer power distribution illumination systems, electrical (PDISE) to replace the remaining DISE sets in the field. If your unit still has authorized DISE sets or has DISE sets in lieu of PDISE authorized systems, contact Randy Morgan, DSN 654-3168, (703) 704-3168, or email:


Or Israel Sanchez, DSN 654-1080, (703) 704-1080, or email:


Use the following table to find the PDISE equivalent NSN for an older DISE system:

Item NSN 6150- Item NSN 6150-
M60-DISE 01-208-9752 M60-PDISE 01-307-9445
M40-DISE 01-208-9753 M40-PDISE 01-307-9446
Ml00-DISE 01-208-9754 Ml00-PDISE 01-308-5671
M200-DISE 01-208-9755 M200-PDISE 01-308-5672

When requesting PDISE from PM-E2S2, include your unit’s UIC, the PDISE NSN(s) and the quantity needed to fill your authorizations. PM-E2S2 will work with you and higher headquarters to issue replacement PDISE ASAP.

Also include your unit’s property book officer’s contact information and a complete DODAAC shipping address to expedite shipment.

Note that any on-hand DISE sets must be turned in to DLA Disposition Services after receipt of equivalent, authorized PDISE.

Questions? Contact Greg Youll at DSN 648-6257, (443) 395-6257, or email:


Or Scott Mahoney, DSN 648-6242, (443) 395-6242, or email:


Or David Martileno, DSN 648-6289, (443) 395-6289, or email:



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