Shadow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. . .Stick to the Inventory List

Wondering which equipment goes with your Ground Control Station (GCS)? How about your Tactical Automatic Landing System (TALS)?

You can find out by looking at DA Form 2408-17, Aircraft Inventory Record, in the Unmanned Aircraft Systems–Initiative (UAS-I). The UAS-I is updated monthly and is the most accurate source for maintenance information. You can also check the master inventory guide in your -23 TM.

Whenever you sign for UAS equipment, remember to reference the master inventory guide in your equipment’s -23 TM or DA Form 2408-17 for aviation end items like the GCS or TALS. The list accounts for all the items necessary to operate a piece of equipment.

Also remember that UAS equipment inventories are unique. For example, the GCS is mounted on a HMMWV. The HMMWV’s inventory is done separately from the GCS because the GCS is aviation equipment and the HMMWV is ground equipment.

Check out Chapter 1 in DA Pam 738-751, the Functional Users Manual for the Army Maintenance Management System–Aviation (Feb 14), and Chapter 12 of TM 1-1500-328-23, Aeronautical Equipment

Maintenance Management Policies and Procedures (Apr 12). These pubs can help you inventory aircraft and other items like the GCS, ground data terminals, launchers, satellite ground data terminals or TALS. In turn, this helps make sure any property transfers are done correctly.


2 Comments on “Shadow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. . .Stick to the Inventory List”

  1. Chana says:

    Great article. Thanks for the info, this is really a helpful post. BTW, if anyone needs to fill out a DA Form 2408, I found a blank fillable form here

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