Training . . .MTTs Available for HEMTTs, HETs, ASVs

Program managers (PMs) provide initial training during the equipment fielding process. However, PMs are not funded to offer sustainment training. That’s the unit’s responsibility.

When sustainment training doesn’t happen at the unit level, problems pile up. Units with high personnel turnover can end up without enough licensed drivers, equipment operators or trained mechanics. That can lead to lower unit readiness ratings.

If that sounds like your unit, here’s some good news. Mobile training teams (MTTs) are available to give units operator and mechanic training on HEMTTs, HETs and ASVs. Units that want this training must fund the MTT and provide adequate training facilities. In some cases, a unit may be allowed to use an established training facility.

For more information on MTTs, contact TACOM LCMC’s Transportation Division’s PM HTV training

coordinator Lee Kyle at DSN 786-2549, (586) 718-2549, or email:


2 Comments on “Training . . .MTTs Available for HEMTTs, HETs, ASVs”

  1. Spc. Roberto Rivera says:

    Hello my name is Spc Roberto Rivera I work for the army national guard on Puerto Rico. My concern is for the vehicle ASV m1117 driver door, passenger door, back door, engine aces door and tourret door this door are heavy and no have no warning sign even that the back door has a shock absorber went a soldier needs to open they found that the shock absorber it is damage o don not work property and the door be came heaviest with that shock absorber damaged and the other door from the sides has the same situation all the door has the same situation. My concern is that this doors dos not have a warning sign. This doors are heaviest it needs two soldier to open with out injury. What do you recommend to do. My cel # 787-295-9477

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