Update the Plate! Data Plate Fix for M1117 ASV



Good news! New data plates are available for M1117 Armored Security Vehicles (ASVs). If your unit has one or more of these vehicles, you’ll need to get new data plates for all of ’em.

The data plate update fixes a serial number (SN) problem. The old M1117 ASV data plates didn’t display vehicle SNs correctly because they left off “ASV” before the SNs. Entering wrong vehicle SNs in PBUSE or SAMS-E can cause property accountability issues. We explained the problem on Pages 12-13 of PS 686:


The old data plate is also tucked behind the vehicle’s fire suppression system. That makes it difficult to see.

old data plate location

The new data plate will be easier to read because it’s put in a better location, right on the panel next to the driver’s side door.

location of new data plate

All M1117 ASVs must be updated with the new data plates. Fielding is ongoing through TACOM’s logistics assistance representatives (LARs). However, property book officers (PBOs) who want new data plates sooner can call (586) 467-6267. Or PBOs can email TACOM a list of their UICs, POCs, ship-to addresses and vehicle SNs. TACOM will ship back new data plates with mounting instructions. Email:




    To replace an M1117 ASV’s data plate, follow these steps:

  1. Check that the SN on the new data plate matches the SN on the old data plate. The chassis number on the old plate is the vehicle’s SN. The letters “ASV” come just before the SN (chassis number) on the new plate. Make sure the numerals match on both old and new plates.
  2. Visually confirm that the SN on the new data plate matches the SN stamped on the steel lifting eye on the driver’s side of the vehicle.
  3. The new data plate has a self- adhesive backing. Simply “peel and stick” it on the panel just inside the door on the driver’s side of the vehicle. For best results, clean the panel before putting on the plate. A clean cloth and a touch of isopropyl alcohol will work. Technical isopropyl alcohol, NSN 6810-00-753-4993, is best for cleaning because it’s 70 percent isopropyl and 30 percent water.
  4. Once the new data plate’s on, remove the old one. The only tool you’ll need is a small screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the old data plate in place.

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