Remember to Pass On PQAS-E Password

The Petroleum Quality Analysis System-Enhanced (PQAS-E), NSN 6640-01-547-1760, is a mobile, self-contained fuel testing laboratory. It’s set up in an ISO-style shelter mounted on a XCK 2000E1 trailer with support equipment, supplies and tent.

Though it has a modest footprint, the PQAS-E has a mighty big mission. Soldiers can use it to test all kinds of fuel and that helps keep bad fuel out of birds or rigs. If you’re a PQAS-E technician, you already know the key role you play in keeping the Army fleet flying or rolling.

But it’s important to remember if there’s ever a change in the PQAS-E administrator, the admin password must be passed on before the staff switch happens. It’s required for certain repairs and maintenance, user account management in particular.

Trouble brews when a tech enters an incorrect password three times in a row. Then he’ll be locked out of the system and unable to log in for an hour. As long as his password works, the tech can continue working and backing up data.

With the admin password, the administrator can get the tech back into the laptop immediately and can fix other problems. Without that password, the only work-around is reimaging the laptop. That means reinstalling the operating system and software. It also means all historical data will be lost.

So remember, PQAS-E administrators, you must pass on the password!

Units, consider adding this critical admin password handoff step to the clearance requirements list for out-processing personnel.


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