Modern Burner Unit . . .Let ’Er Vent

Does your unit have an assault kitchen, containerized kitchen, food sanitation center, kitchen company level field feeding or mobile kitchen trailer? If so, odds are that you’re using a modern burner unit (MBU), NSN 7310-01-452-8137, or MBU-V3, NSN 7310-01-507-9310, as the heat source for the griddles, ranges or cooking racks in your field kitchen.

Turns out some items equipped with MBUs/MBU-V3s are being used without proper ventilation. This is dangerous because during operation, the MBU/MBU-V3 produces harmful carbon monoxide (CO).

CO is a deadly gas. You can’t see, smell or taste it. But breathing CO can cause nausea, dizziness, headaches or fatigue. And CO can kill you.

To prevent CO poisoning, make sure that the MBU/MBU-V3 operating space is well ventilated during burner operation. Never operate an MBU/MBU V-3 in any enclosure with vents closed.

Follow all the safety precautions and guidelines for the MBU/MBU-V3 in TM 10-7310-281-13&P (May 10). It’s also a good idea to review the TM of any end item equipment outfitted with an MBU/MBU V-3.

Get the whole scoop in TACOM’s ground precautionary action (GPA) Message 14-026 at:


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