Tactical Quiet Generators . . .How to Get ’Em Faster

   Did your unit recently order a 5- to 60-kW tactical quiet generator (TQG)? If so, you can speed things up by emailing the following info to a TQG item manager:

  • Document number (DOC#)
  • Confirmed shipping address
  • Unit POC (name and phone number).

Based on the TQG size, you need to email the info above to one of the following item managers:

For 5/10-kW TQGs

Miriam Travers


Questions? Call DSN 648-6967 or (443) 395-6967.

For 15/30/60-kW TQGs

Kimberly Christel


Questions? Call DSN 648-6977 or (443) 395-6977.

Note: If you ordered a 5- to 60-kW TQG that is currently back-ordered, follow the steps above if your requisition has not yet been filled. Remember to include an onsite POC name and phone number with any requisition submission.

The following skid-mounted power unit (PU) and power plant (PP) stock is available for immediate release:

5-kW TQGs
NSN 6115- LIN
01-274-7387 G11966
01-332-0741 G42238
01-413-3820 G42238
01-587-3875 G42238
01-587-3878 G42238
01-313-4216 P28083
01-414-9697 P28083
01-313-4215 P28151
01-274-7391 G12102


10-kW TQGs
NSN 6115- LIN
01-275-5061 G74711
01-319-9032 G42170
01-413-3818 G42170
01-299-6035 P42262
01-274-7392 G74779
01-313-4283 G53403
01-413-3819 G53403
01-313-4214 P42330


15-kW TQGs
NSN 6115- LIN
01-274-7388 G12170
01-530-1458 G12170
01-319-9033 G78374
01-413-3821 G78374
01-565-0874 G78374
01-317-2138 G53778
01-565-1576 G53778
01-540-8433 P63530
01-540-9465 P63530
01-565-0691 P63530
01-274-7393 G12238
01-529-9494 G12238
01-317-2137 G78203
01-565-0929 G78203
01-299-6034 P42614
01-565-0701 P42614


30-kW TQGs
NSN 6115- LIN
01-274-7389 G74575
01-461-9335 G74575
01-317-2136 G35851
01-470-6376 G35851
01-299-6033 P42126
01-474-3783 P42126
01-274-7394 G74643
01-462-0290 G74643
01-317-2135 G35919
01-471-1507 G35919


60-kW TQGs
NSN 6115- LIN
01-274-7390 G12034
01-462-0291 G12034
01-317-2134 G78306
01-471-1508 G78306
01-303-7896 P42194
01-474-3776 P42194
01-274-7395 G18052
01-462-0292 G18052
01-317-2133 G17460
01-471-1506 G17460



MILSTD Generators Now Obsolete

Do Not Use or Keep for Backup

Send to DLA Disposition Services

Requisition Replacement TQG ASAP

Email the Old MILSTD Generator’s LIN and NIIN to One of the Following Item Managers and Request Replacement:

Miriam Travers

(5/10-kW TQGs)

Kimberly Christel

(15/30/60-kW TQGs)

Note: New TQGs can be shipped immediately if units take old stock off their property book before requesting replacement.


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