Website for Tracking Army Equipment

The Army has lots of equipment. So when it’s time for an inspection or MTOE scrub, preparation is the key to success.
The place to go for viewing the Army’s authoritative force structure data is FMSWeb. It is developed and maintained by the US Army Force Management Support Agency (USWFMSA).
The website is a great place to view reports, access research tools, and view requirements and authorization documents. Examples include Basis of Issue Plans (BOIPs), Table of Organization and Equipment (TOE), Modification Tables of Organization and Equipment (MTOE), Tables of Distribution and Allowance (TDA), Common Tables of Allowance (CTA), and Joint Tables of Allowance (JTA). You can view past, present and future versions of all these documents on FMSweb.
FMSWeb can also help you with equipment Line Item Number (LIN) files and Unit Identification Code (UIC) files.
The tools on FMSWeb allow you to do research and analysis using various reports. For example, you can compare a current document to a past or proposed document. You can even compare multiple documents at the same time. For example, you might want to compare all the battalions within a Brigade Combat Team (BCT) or even multiple BCTs at the same time. You can also search for a LIN or group of LINs by command or for the entire Army.
FMSWeb offers many options in one place. If you need to view your MTOE or TDA back to 2002 or want to see what other units have authorized, check out FMSWeb at:
When you get to the site, click on Login to FMSWeb. Then register if you haven’t already. Fill in your security officer’s information. If you are a contractor, you must provide your contracting office technical representative (COTR) or government sponsor information. When all the information is provided, the system will send you an email after your account has been approved. Log in and click on the I Agree button and you’re ready to begin your search on FMSWeb.


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