Turn in IHADSS Parts for Repair

Mechanics, getting line replaceable units (LRUs) for your AH-64 integrated helmet and display sighting system (IHADSS) won’t happen if you don’t turn in parts that need repair.

The supply system has run out of several components even though a repair program is in full swing. The problem is that there are very few condition code “F” items available for repair. Turning in parts from the field is vital to getting repair parts.

If you have any of these critical assets, turn them in ASAP:

Item NSN Part Number
Display driver unit (DDU) 1270-01-553-1145 95500A-00
Enhanced display electronic unit (EDEU) 1270-01-553-1147 IH-017A-01
Improved helmet display unit (IHDU) 1270-01-553-1146 95750A-00
Sight electronics unit (SEU) 1270-01-557-4596 BG1114AB04
Tube and cable 1270-01-582-4184 95752A-02
Tube and cable (alternate) 1270-01-564-6012* 95752A-00

* NSN is not listed in the IETM.

When turning in parts, attention to detail is critical. Don’t assume an item is a particular NSN based solely on its appearance. That’s a good way to mix up components. For example, it’s easy to mix IHDU components with legacy HDU components, such as the tube and cable assembly, NSN 1270-01-539-2638.

And make sure you look everywhere! Sometimes IHADSS components turn up in unlikely places. Try checking unopened containers shipped back from theater. They may contain serviceable or repairable assets.

Turning in those items helps other Soldiers who get the parts and equipment they need. It may also provide your unit recoverable funds through turn-in credit.

Here’s the bottom line: Work together and be proactive to help fix the shortage problem. Turn in your stuff!

    Got questions? Contact Michael VanDriessche, DSN 786-1360, (586) 282-1360 or by email:


You can also contact David Jirak, DSN 786-1364, (586) 282-1364 or by email:



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