CH-47D/F…Aft Rotor Pylon Step is a Step Up

Mechanics, straining to reach the top of the aft rotor head while standing on the aft support platform of your Chinook is a real stretch.
You can get some relief with the aft rotor pylon step (ARPS).
The ARPS is especially helpful when you have to remove, service or install the aft rotor head. Without the ARPS, you don’t have a step up. That means you have to guide the crane and remove all the components before the rotor head can be removed. Problem is, you’ll be doing this work while reaching overhead in a position that is uncomfortable for both tall and short mechanics, not to mention having to work in tight spaces.
The aft rotor pylon step will give you a step up so you can perform maintenance tasks in a more natural standing position. Keep these safety points in mind when using the ARPS:
•    An ARPS should be attached to the aircraft with each hook firmly seated on the cap structure of the WL 119 deck. Its base should rest firmly on the work platform for more support.
•    An ARPS can be used on both sides of the aircraft at the same time.
•    Because of limited space and for safety purposes, only one mechanic should be standing on each ARPS.
•    The capacity of the stand is one mechanic, plus tools and equipment. However, total weight should not exceed 400 pounds.
Take this drawing to your welding shop and have them make the stand with high tensile steel.

ARPS Drawing
If you have questions about making the aft rotor pylon step, contact SFC Ryan Meeks, DSN 323-3180, (253) 912-3180 or email


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