AGSE…Stop Unexpected SATS Movement

Mechanics, on Pages 25-26 of PS 733 (Dec 13), we told you how to remove a faulty diode assembly for the reverse work light on the standard aircraft towing system (SATS), NSN 1740-01-575-5662. That’s because the diode could cause uncontrolled movement of the SATS while you’re doing PMCS.
By now, all the bad diodes should have been removed, based on safety action message AGSE-13-ASAM-01.
For a more permanent fix to the problem, PM AGSE and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) came up with a solution that uses a reverse light relay assembly to stop uncontrolled movement. The details are in aviation maintenance action message AGSE-13-AMAM-01, so check it out. The new procedures will also appear in an upcoming change to TM 1-1740-221–13&P. If you don’t have the message yet, here are the details.
First, you’ll need these tools to complete the task:
•    Phillips and flathead screwdrivers for the operator panel latches and work light switch
•     A 1/2 inch open-end wrench or socket for the battery negative terminal
•    A 7/16 inch open end wrench or socket for the ground stud
•    Nylon zip ties
•    Reverse light relay assembly, part number 51777
The reverse work light assembly kits have been shipped to units. If you do not have one yet, contact Craig Sanders, DSN 788-5005, (256) 842-5005 or email:
Second, follow these steps from AGSE-13-AMAM-01 to get your SATS riding like a champ.
Refer to TM 1-1740-221-13&P for  performing tasks.
1. Inspect the reverse light assembly for damage.

Step 1
2. Disconnect the SATS battery negative cable.
3. Loosen both clamp screws and open the operator dash panel.
If the reverse light diode (REC1) is still connected to wires 109 and 66, remove the diode and discard it.

Step 3
4. Locate wire numbers 109 and 66 inside the wiring bundle and remove any electrical tape or heat-shrink tubing from the connectors.
5. Attach wire 109 to the relay socket connector wire 109.
6. Attach wire 66 to the relay socket connector wire 66.
7. Remove any existing nylon wire ties as necessary.
8. Remove the work light switch screw and washer from the #2 switch position and attach the relay wire #100 terminal and wire #100 to the #2 position. Secure them with a washer and screw.

Step 8
9. Remove the ground stud nut and washer and attach the relay wire #2 terminal to the ground stud. Re-secure them with a nut and washer.

Step 9
10. Secure the reverse light relay and wiring to the wiring bundle using nylon zip ties.

Step 10
11. Close the operator dash panel and re-secure it with the clamp screws.
12. Reconnect the SATS battery negative cable.
13. Perform a maintenance operation check to verify the reverse lights illuminate while the transmission gear selector is in reverse.


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