Turn In All Unserviceable Equipment

Mechanics, the US Army Aviation and Missile Command’s repair programs need your help. They depend on the timely return of unserviceable components.
If nothing’s turned in, depots won’t be able to repair enough items to meet your needs. That reduces on-hand inventory of items needing depot overhaul.
So locate unserviceable components and turn them in ASAP. Shortages of the following equipment and containers continue for AH-64 aircraft, so turn them in NOW!
Nomenclature                                  NSN
Electric actuator                  1680-01-269-7284
Axial pump                           4230-01-158-0893
Engine coupling                   1615-01-155-0634
Aft hangar bearing              3130-01-333-8490
Forward hangar bearing    3130-01-333-8491
Intermediate gearbox        1680-01-530-1625
& related NSNs
Link assembly                    3040-01-352-1531
Main rotor blades                     All NSNs
Main rotor swashplate    1615-01-325-7002
Main transmission          1615-01-532-9390
& related NSNs
Main rotor head             1615-01-512-0889
Hydraulic manifold       4730-01-326-4375
Hydraulic manifold      4730-01-326-1804
Left-hand nose gearbox    3010-01-519-7677
& related NSNs
Right-Hand nose gearbox    3010-01-536-3481
& related NSNs
Hydraulic pump         4320-01-305-6955
Searchlight                  6220-01-160-3527
Servocylinder                 All NSNs
Shock strut                1620-01-147-4775
Shock strut                1620-01-465-9232
Tail rotor coupling     1615-01-154-7077
Tail rotor gearbox    1615-01-507-5294
& related NSNs
Tail rotor swashplate    1615-01-508-4118
Trailing arm assembly  1620-01-147-4776
Connecting link              3040-01-154-7056
Captive boresight           4920-01-412-4978 (Analog)
Harmonization (CBHK)    4920-01-535-3520 (Digital)
Infrared collimator        4920-01-202-4135
Collimator                      4920-01-206-5818
Bell crank                       1680-01-244-2262
Bell crank                       1680-01-225-2538
Bell crank                       1560-01-242-1495
Bell crank                      1680-01-224-2263
Bell crank                      1560-01-263-9849
Fuel transfer valve      1680-01-159-7988
Submerge pump          2915-01-159-8522
Servocylinder              1650-01-494-0084
Servocylinder              1650-01-494-0083
Leading tip assembly    1560-01-170-5256
Trailing arm assembly    1620-01-147-4777

Take action now to stop the shortage of components for overhaul. That way, whenever you need a repaired part or component, you can get it.


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