AH-64 Aircraft…The Depot Needs Your Help

Mechanics, in order for the supply system to meet field demand for serviceable AH-64 components, you must turn in unserviceable equipment for repair.
Not turning in unserviceable components reduces the on-hand inventory awaiting overhaul. That can increase aircraft downtime.  Below is a list of components that are needed. If your unit has any of these components, including containers, that are unserviceable, turn them in ASAP. Items marked critical are especially needed.
Item                                                         NSN    Item Manager    Remarks
Main rotor head                         1615-01-512-0889    BJA43
Main transmission                    1615-01-532-9390    BJA42
Actuator support assembly     1615-01-527-3781     BJA46    Critical
Signal data processor              1270-01-544-6370    BJA44
Main rotor blades                              All NSNs           BJA61
Shock strut                                 1620-01-147-4775    BJA60
Shock strut                                1620-01-465-9232    BJA60
Tail rotor gearbox                    1615-01-507-5294 & related NSNs                                                                                               BJA64
Trailing arm assembly              1620-01-147-4777    BJA67    Critical
Trailing arm assembly             1620-01-147-4776    BJA64
Connecting link                        3040-01-154-7056    BJA69    Critical
Bell crank                                  1680-01-224-2263    BJA67
Bell crank                                  1560-01-263-9849    BJA67    Critical
Quad control assembly           1680-01-375-0815    BJA67    Critical
Cylinder assembly                   1650-01-153-2314    BJA69
If you have questions about any of the components, contact the Item Manager below.
Analyst Code    Item Manager              Email                               Phone
BJA42              Becky Davis    lauren.r.davis18.civ@mail.mil    256-313-1361
BJA43              Jeffrey Purk    jeffrey.c.purk.civ@mail.mil  256-313-1353
BJA44    Ray Mendez Acevedo    ray.mendezacevedo.civ@mail.mil    256-842-1436
BJA46    Travell Lockhart    travell.a.lockhart.civ@mail.mil    256-876.1401
BJA60    Tihera Duckett    tihera.l.duckett.civ@mail.mil    256-313-1341
BJA61    Frances Walsh    frances.d.walsh.civ@mail.mil    256-313-1508
BJA64    James Woolbright    james.e.woolbright2.civ@mail.mil    256-313-5663
BJA67    Jonathan Guerrero    jonathan.j.guerrero@us.army.mil    256-313-1514
BJA69    Frances Walsh    frances.d.walsh.civ@mail.mil    256-313-1508


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