ESAVs Aim to Prevent Explosives Incidents

When it comes to safety, knowledge is the key to preventing accidents.

That’s why free Explosives Safety Assistance Visits (ESAVs) are offered to Army commands, installations or activities by the Defense Ammunition Center (DAC)/US Army Technical Center for Explosives Safety (USATCES).

An experienced ESAV team of subject matter experts from DAC/USATCES travels to sites to evaluate and ensure that local explosives safety procedures comply with AR 385-10, The Army Safety Program (Nov 13). Some areas that ESAV teams can assist with include:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Explosives safety site planning
  • Ammunition and explosives operations
  • Explosives safety management programs
  • Electrical explosives safety
  • Fire prevention, protection and suppression
  • Risk management

For more info or to schedule an ESAV, contact Jeffrey Stretton at DSN 956-8089, (918) 420-8089, or email:

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