Stryker FOV…Don’t Neglect Coolant Hoses

Mechanics, inspect the coolant supply hose, NSN 4720-01-459-8689, for the personnel and engine coolant circulating heater (PECCH) in all of your unit’s Strykers right away.

Normal wear, excessive heat and acidic build up in the coolant can cause the hose to rupture. If that happens, anyone sitting at the commander’s station could be burned with hot coolant. Also, loss of coolant can cause the engine to overheat.

After the initial inspection, check the hose every six months for signs of leaking or damage and replace it if necessary. At a minimum, replace the hose every 12 months. The semi-annual inspection is being added to each Stryker’s -13&P IETM. That’s also where you’ll find the procedures for replacing the hose.

TACOM ground precautionary action message 14-021 has hotlinks to the updated PMCS tables. You’ll find the message on the TACOM-Unique Logistics Support Applications (TULSA) website at:

You’ll need your CAC and first-time users must first request access.

Questions? Contact TACOM’s Richard Morgan at DSN 786-6710, (586) 532-6710 or email:

    Note: This hose is a known Readiness Driver.



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