Windows XP Support Ending for MSD-V2

The Maintenance Support Device- Version 2 (MSD-V2) will fully transition from Microsoft Windows XP to the Windows 7 operating system (OS) no later than April 8, 2015.

    After that, Product Director Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment (PD TMDE) will end support for all MSD-V2 systems that have not been upgraded to the Windows 7 OS.

    MSD-V2s with the vendor part number 714180-5201 will be transitioned. All other MSD-V2s will be coded obsolete and should be turned in to the local supply system for appropriate disposition.

How to Upgrade Your MSD-V2

    You can request a Windows 7 Emergency Recovery Disc (ERD) to upgrade an MSD-V2 from Windows XP to Windows 7 by submitting a customer service request on the MSD homepage at:

    An information assurance representative must install the Windows 7 ERD software and establish user accounts. All maintainers are required to log in using username and password.

    You can also download the signed MSD-V2 transition memorandum from the technical bulletins page on the same website.

    Questions? Contact the MSD Helpdesk at DSN 746-2200, toll-free (877) 564-1137, or email:


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