Check Out Army’s Virtual Yard Sale

MS-5966-A Screenshot

With the Army’s recent brigade combat team (BCT) reorganization, many excess Common Table of Allowance (CTA) items were relocated to Sierra Army Depot (SIAD), CA.

Good news, units! You can scoop up these items through the Army’s redistribution process. Some commonly available items include generators, scopes and binoculars. But there is also a large variety of other excess non-standard equipment (NS-E) up for grabs.

This NS-E is available to Army commands (ACOMs), Army service component commands (ASCCs) and direct reporting units (DRUs). All items are offered free on a first-come, first-served basis in “as is” condition.

Here’s how redistribution works:

Once NS-E returns from theater, it’s visually inspected and picked up on SIAD’s accountable record before going into storage.

SIAD uploads a list of items into a “virtual mall” so Army customers can select what they want. This info is updated twice a week. You can view current inventory in the Material Enterprise Non-Standard Equipment (MENS-E) database:



If your unit wants something, submit a request though your ACOM/ASCC/DRU command representative. Your command can then officially request the equipment release through MENS-E. Once it’s approved, your unit coordinates transportation and shipping arrangements directly with SIAD.

Although the equipment itself is free, your unit still needs to pay for transportation and any future sustainment costs. Items also must be accounted for and transferred in PBUSE.

For more info, contact Timothy Pollard at DSN 320-6924, (256) 450-6924, email:

Or Bertrand James at DSN 320-6857, (256) 450-6857, email:


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