Check for Bad Keypad Assembly

    Does your unit have a B Model 30- or 60-kW tactical quiet generator (TQG)? If so, the generator may have a defective control box keypad assembly, NSN 5999-01-470-4245 (PN 96-23545). It’s part of the digital control system on generator models MEP-805B, -806B, -815B and -816B.

    The keypad assembly controls navigation in the computer interface module (CIM). If it’s faulty, one clue is that the CIM cursor doesn’t work right. Sometimes the cursor won’t move downward or left and sometimes it won’t move at all.

    A total of 566 control box keypad assemblies were delivered as spare parts under the following contracts in these quantities:

Contract No.
















NFECL credit card/email



Identify the Faulty Keypad Assembly

    If your keypad falls under one of these contracts, here’s how to check if it’s covered:

  1. If the keypad assembly is already installed, remove it in an electrostatic discharge safe area.
    1. For 30-kW generators, remove the keypad following the instructions in Steps 1-8 in WP 0050 of TM 9-6115-671-14.
    2. For 60-kW generators, remove the keypad following the instructions in Steps 1-8 in WP 0050 in TM 9-6115-672-14.
  2. Find the label with the “N.E.K.” quality assurance stamp. The label may be on the top or back of the assembly.
  3. Check the date code. The date code on the label is formatted as “MM/DD/YY” (for example, 11/02/07 is 02 Nov 2007).
    1. If the date code on the label falls between 06/01/12 to 06/30/13, your keypad assembly is eligible for repair. The manufacturer will forward defective keypad assemblies to a supplier who will repair and return them to units free of charge.

Contact the following POC to get a return material authorization number (RMA) and further instructions:

Kathryn Santine

Contract Administrator

L-3 Communications Westwood Corp.

12402 E. 60th St.

Tulsa, OK 74146

Or call her at (918) 250-4480 or email:

  1. If the date on the label does not fall within the dates in Step 3(a), but the keypad assembly is defective, follow the standard product quality deficiency report (PQDR) process. To submit a PQDR, go to:




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