M113-Series FOV…Check Oil Levels Before and After

Confused about checking the engine and transmission oil levels for your M113-series carrier? The PMCS charts in the -10 TMs say to do an after-operation hot check on both, while the lube orders (LO) say to do a before-operation cold check, or both a cold and hot check.

You’ll get different readings

based on whether you do a hot or cold check. The right thing to do is to do both checks.

The cold check makes sure you have enough oil to operate the vehicle without causing damage. It won’t give you a completely accurate reading, but it does keep you from driving the carrier if it’s dangerously low on oil.

The oil level should be at or just above the dipstick’s F (full) mark for a cold check. That’s because oil expands slightly when it’s cold.

If the level is below the L (low)

mark, call your mechanic to check for leaks. If it’s very far above the F mark, he may need to drain some oil.

The hot check is the most

accurate and the one the dipstick

was for.

You’ll need to check the transmission oil level while the engine is running at operating temperature (160-230°F).

To check the engine oil, shut the engine down after it reaches operating temperature. Wait 3-5 minutes and check the oil level.

You should get readings between the L and F marks. If either oil level is below the L or above the F, let your mechanic know right away.

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