M110 SASS Bolt Parts Replaceable

Some units have been coding out their M110 semi-automatic sniper systems (SASS) because of bad gas rings.  There is no need to do that.  All parts of the bolt can be replaced using these NSNs:
Item             NSN                             PN                        Qty
Gas ring    1005-01-504-8377    21002                      1
Spring-coiled pin    5315-01-502-9984    99080     2
Ejector spring    5360-01-502-9993    99076           1
Ejector    1005-01-503-0001    97170                         1
Extractor    1005-01-503-0000    99075                   1
Extractor buffer    1005-01-504-8376    99164        1
Extractor spring    5360-01-502-9983    91492       1

These parts are being added to the M110’s TM 9-1005-342-23&P.
But you can’t order the entire bolt itself–only its parts.
If you have any questions about the M110, contact TACOM’s Eugene Meade at DSN 786-1253, (586) 282-1253, or email:
Or contact Mike Price at DSN 786- 1252, (586) 282-1252, or email:


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