Yellow Book Online to Meet Demand

Since its first printing in November 1974, the Hazard Classification of United States Military Explosives and Munitions, commonly called the Yellow Book, has been the ammo expert’s constant companion.

The handy, pocket-sized publication is a convenient and easily understood guide to basic ammunition classification. It remains the most commonly used reference in the field.

However, budget cuts have limited hard copy printings of the Yellow Book. And right now, demand is far higher than supply.

To avoid long delays in getting hard copies, users are encouraged to print their own copies locally. An electronic version of the Yellow Book is available on the Defense Ammunition Center website. You’ll need your CAC. Be sure to choose the email certificate when you log in. Go to:

Under the “Available Products” tab on the left side of the page, click on HC Yellow Book.

If you have questions about the hard copy or online Yellow Books, email:

Most of the info in the Yellow Book comes from the Joint Hazard Classification System (JHCS), the Department of Defense’s only official source of hazard classification data. If you have Internet access, the JHCS is the best source for getting good ammo information.

If you have a CAC, you can register to access the JHCS at:

Yellow Book


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