M113-Series FOV…Battery PM Keeps Mission On Track


Crewmen, when it comes to your M113’s batteries, a little diligence goes a long way. Check out these PMCS tips to make sure battery troubles don’t fizzle out your mission before it begins.

1. Use both hands to check the battery retainers and clamp. If the batteries move or seem loose, let your mechanic know.

2. Same thing with the battery connections. If you can twist the connector with your thumb and first two fingers, it needs to be tightened.

3. Check to see if the cables are connected tightly to the clamp. If not, report ‘em.

4. Check the battery cells. The electrolyte should cover the plates and reach the bottom edge of the vent plugs. If any are low or completely dry, fill them with distilled water. You’ll get six 1-gallon bottles of distilled water when you order NSN 6810-00-682-6867.

5. Take a rag and clean the battery, making sure to wipe off the battery case and surrounding metal parts. While you’re at it, look for missing or damaged rubber boots on the terminal covers. Tell your mechanic and he’ll replace ‘em with NSN 2530-01-089-4992.

6. Give each terminal a light coat of GAA.

Get the complete scoop on keeping your M113’s batteries in top shape by checking out WP 0085-00 of TM 9-2350-261-10 and WP 0104 of TM 9-2350-277-10. For even more battery info, check out TM 9-6140-200-13, Operator and Field Maintenance for Automotive Lead-Acid Storage Batteries.



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