HEMTT Base/A1/A2/A4 Models . . . TMs Keep ‘Em Running

Your HEMTT is ready to go as long as you’ve got the right technical manuals. Here’s a list of all the TMs that support the HEMTT’s Base, A1, A2 and A4 models:

IETM TM 9-2320-279-14&P (EM 0290)
Hand receipt TM 9-2320-279-10-HR
M977 cargo TM 9-2320-428-10
M978 tanker (with and without winch) TM 9-2320-429-10
M983 tractor TM 9-2320-430-10
M984A1 wrecker (Volumes 1 & 2) TM 9-2320-431-10-1

TM 9-2320-431-10-2

M985 cargo (with and without winch) TM 9-2320-432-10
M985 guided missile transport TM 9-2320-433-10
M1120 load handling system TM 9-2320-434-10
M1977 common bridge transporter TM 9-2320-435-10


IETM TM 9-2320-325-14&P (EM 0289)
Hand receipt TM 9-2320-325-10-HR
M977A2 cargo TM 9-2320-347-10
M978A2 TM 9-2320-348-10
M983A2 tractor TM 9-2320-349-10
M983A2 light equipment transporter TM 9-2320-420-10
M984A2 wrecker (Volumes 1 & 2) TM 9-2320-421-10-1

TM 9-2320-421-10-2

M985A2 cargo (with and without winch) TM 9-2320-422-10
M985A2 guided missile transport TM 9-2320-423-10
M1120A2 load handling system TM 9-2320-424-10
M1977A2 common bridge transporter TM 9-2320-425-10


IETM TM 9-2320-326-14&P (EM 0289)
Hand receipt TM 9-2320-326-10-HR
M977A4 cargo (with and without winch) TM 9-2320-338-10
M978A4 tractor TM 9-2320-339-10
M983A4 tractor TM 9-2320-340-10
M983A4 light equipment transporter TM 9-2320-341-10
M984A4 wrecker (Volumes 1 & 2) TM 9-2320-342-10-1

TM 9-2320-342-10-2

M985A4 cargo (with and without winch) TM 9-2320-343-10
M985A4 guided missile transport TM 9-2320-344-10
M1120A4 load handling system TM 9-2320-345-10
M1977A4 common bridge transporter TM 9-2320-346-10



2 Comments on “HEMTT Base/A1/A2/A4 Models . . . TMs Keep ‘Em Running”

  1. jason bernard says:

    We have a 984A4 wrecker that the fan stays running and doesn’t turn off until it is manually turned off by pressing the disable button in the cab do you have any further info or advice

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