HYEX . . .Fuel Filter Service Interval Updated

MS-5817 photo


Dear Half-Mast,

I need a little help with the lubricity filter, NSN 2940-01-567-4018, that’s used on the HYEX Model 240D LCR excavator.

According to Item 9 in the Machine PMCS on WP 0310-6 of TM 5-3805-294-23-2 (May 12), the filter is supposed to be replaced after every 500 hours of operation. But when a new filter comes in, it’s labeled, “CAUTION: TO BE SERVICED EVERY 250 HOURS.”

So is TM 5-3805-294-23-2 wrong in requiring a 500-hour interval or is there a different, 500-hour filter we should be using?

Mr. J.R.

Dear Sir,

Good catch. The replacement interval for the HYEX’s lubricity filter is 250 hours. TM 5-3805-294-23-2 will be updated to show that at the next change.  Half-Mast


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