M119-Series Towed Howitzers…Stem the Tide of Broken Tire Stems

Crewmen, at one time or another you’ve probably broken the tire stem off the right-side (knockoff) wheel on your M119-series towed howitzer. It’s easy to do when removing the wheel for emplacement.

It’s frustrating because now you have to take the time to replace the tire. Even worse, your howitzer is NMC until that’s done.

But now there’s a new tire assembly, NSN 2530-01-626-2559, that’s designed to prevent broken tire stems and keep your howitzer in the game.

The new assembly has a bracket and counterweight welded to the right wheel rim. This acts as a guard to protect the valve stem when removing or remounting the wheel.

This new tire assembly replaces both the old left-side wheel assembly, NSN 2530-01-541-7004, and the old right-side wheel assembly, NSN 2530-01-541-7001.

It comes ready to install as a left-side assembly. But to install it as a right-side assembly, you’ll need the wheel plate, NSN 1015-01-341-8687; six wheel studs, NSN 1015-01-343-1901; and six nuts, NSN 5310-01-342-3687, from the old right-side assembly. If you didn’t hold onto that hardware, you’ll need to order it before installing the new wheel assembly.

It’s OK to mix old and new assemblies. For example, you can have a new assembly on the left side and an old assembly on the right.

Questions? Contact 105mm howitzer team members Andy Mosher at (586) 282-6547 or Brian Lindeman at (586) 282-5618, or email:


You can also contact Jonathan Serra from the TACOM wheel assembly team at (586) 282-4347, or email:



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