MLRS: Safety First When Doing PM

The MLRS is a big, heavy beast of a combat vehicle. Here are a few safety tips to remember.

When you’re cranking the cab up or down, make sure to stay as low and as far under the vehicle as possible. If your head is poking out, the cab can come crashing down on it. Talk about a headache!

Always crank slowly. If you crank too fast, the cab bounces and that can break the lift mechanism. Any time you feel the cab start to bounce, immediately stop cranking! The cab is most likely to bounce when its weight shifts forward or backward, depending on which direction it’s going. So that’s when it’s especially important to crank slowly.

When you’re raising or lowering the cab, make sure no one else is in front of the cab. You don’t want them getting hit by the cab either.

It’s critical you install both jury struts before you work under the launcher. If the elevation actuators that hold up the launcher collapse without both struts in place, the launcher will crush anyone underneath it. Remember both the launcher drive system (LDS) and launcher engine have to be off before you install the struts.

But before you install those struts, make sure they’re ready to strut their stuff. Look them over for cracks, deformities and loose or missing rivets. Ensure that both ends of the struts can move freely and independently.

Also make sure they have the correct quick-release pins. Never substitute! If the locking pins are broken or missing, order more with NSN 5315-01-394-0837.


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