MGS Stryker…Boot Battery Terminals for Safety

    Crewmen, the rubber boots that cover the positive and negative terminals on your mobile gun system (MGS) Stryker’s auxiliary battery box play an important role. If they’re missing or damaged, an electrical short could happen. That short can cause a vehicle fire!

The rubber boots can get damaged or slide down the battery cables, exposing the terminals.

Investigators believe missing or improperly installed battery terminal boots caused a recent fire that destroyed an MGS Stryker.

The rubber boots prevent metal objects—like dropped tools and other items—from coming into contact with the terminals and causing electrical shorts and arcing.

During AFTER and WEEKLY PMCS, make sure the boots are installed correctly and are in good condition. If you find any that are missing or damaged, your vehicle is NMC until they’re replaced. The negative terminal boot comes with NSN 5975-01-432-5846. Get the positive terminal boot with 5930-01-590-9078. Also, the battery box cover should be in place and fastened tight.

Don’t forget to inspect the auxiliary batteries for cleanliness and signs of arcing such as burned areas or melted spots on the rubber covers or metal parts. If you find problems, report them.


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