Operators OK’d to Inspect Fire Extinguishers on Tactical Vehicles

A lot of email traffic has been generated over who is qualified to routinely inspect fire extinguishers on Army vehicles.  The answer is the operator doing PMCS.

The safety engineers at TACOM LCMC’s  safety office weighed in with the following statement:

A Soldier does not have to be certified or licensed to do the PMCS inspections.  They are NOT allowed to repair or refill the bottles if an issue is found and the vehicle is to be considered NMC until the bottle/AFES system is brought back to ready.  If the fire department or other office has a requirement to check all fire extinguishers on base, including those contained in vehicles, by certified personnel, this is above and beyond the vehicle’s requirement.  PMCS should still be done per the intervals called out in the TM.

    So tell all your battle buddies that operators should inspect their vehicle’s AFES.


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