Report Bad Small Arms Parts

Small arms repairmen, if you discover the parts you ordered to fix your unit’s weapons are defective, it’s important that you file a product quality deficiency report (PQDR).

If you don’t, your unit won’t get free replacement parts or refunds.  But, even more important, the Army won’t know there are defective parts kicking around the supply system.

Fortunately, the Product Data Reporting and Evaluation Program (PDREP) makes it fairly simple to file a PQDR.

The first step is to put the defective part someplace where it won’t disappear.  Also, keep a copy of the document number used to order the part.  And keep the packaging the part came in.  It has the CAGE code and contract number, which you’ll need for the PQDR. That’s one reason it’s an excellent idea to keep the part in the packaging until you use it.  That way the packaging won’t disappear and you won’t have trouble figuring out where the part came from. But even if you’ve lost the packaging, do a PQDR with the information you have.

To submit the PQDR, go to:

Click on EZ PDR Logon and follow the steps.  Be sure to include all required information, such as the document and contract numbers and CAGE code.

After you file the PQDR, a quality assurance rep will give you instructions for sending in the defective part.  They’ll need it for their investigation.  It’s important you send the part ASAP.  If they don’t receive the part within about two weeks, they will close the investigation.

If you have any questions about small arms PQDRs, contact TACOM’s John Kelty at DSN 786-1271, (586) 282-1271, or email:


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