Stay Up-to-Date with Shadow

One of the first rules you learn with the Shadow is never rely on your memory to do PMCS or other maintenance.  Always keep the Shadow TM at hand so you know exactly what you need to do to keep your Shadow flying.

If you rely on your memory, soon you forget important checks or you do maintenance wrong.  That can bring your Shadow quickly back to earth.

But it’s also critical you keep both your Shadow’s TMs and unmanned aircraft systems-initiative (UAS-1) logbook current.  Any time changes are made to the Shadow, changes are also made to the TMs and possibly the logbook.  If you don’t have the updated information, you’ll be missing improved troubleshooting, PMCS and other changes to Shadow components.

For TM updates, go to the ETM website:

Enter the Shadow’s TM number.  On the next screen, click on VIEW CURRENT NOTIFICATIONS to set up automatic email notifications when Shadow TMs are updated.

Each unit’s UAS-I administrator receives emailed updates for logbooks.  Keep your administrator’s contact info current.

Make sure the new information gets to everyone in the unit.  The updates won’t do much good if you’re the only one who knows about them.


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