Bradley Boosters a Boon

Here are a few ways to boost your Bradley’s performance:

o Charge the batteries during PMCS.  The Bradley’s PMCS procedure can shorten battery life because it requires the vehicle to be turned on and off repeatedly.  At $360 apiece, those 12 batteries can run up a serious bill if they have to be replaced often.  That bill can be avoided if units will just run their Bradleys at high idle for 20-30 minutes during weekly PMCS.  That’s enough to keep the batteries charged and healthy.

O Cover the commander’s independent viewer (CIV).  The CIV has been added to the A3s, but there has been no SOP added about keeping it covered when the Bradley sits for long periods.  So usually everything else on the turret has a tarp over it, while the CIV remains exposed to the elements.  If water makes it inside the CIV, corrosion and electrical damage will soon cause expensive damage.

The tarp used to cover the M1 tank’s CROWS works well for the CIV, too.  It comes in olive drab, NSN 8340-00-841-6456, and tan, NSN 2540-01-330-8062.  But any tarp will do.  The important thing is to keep the CIV covered when the Bradley is parked for weeks.

O Use DA Form 2408-4, Weapon Record Data Card, to track firing of the M242 automatic gun. That makes it easy to track the M242’s round count for its required services.   Since the 2408-4 is not maintained online for the Bradley as it is for other weapons, Bradley units themselves need to keep the 2408-4s updated and easily accessible.  It is a good idea for units to make someone responsible for collecting the 2408-4s after every mission so they don’t disappear.


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