Correctly Classify Your Tactical Vehicle’s Unserviceable Wheel Assemblies

Not everyone knows which condition code letter to use to correctly classify unserviceable wheel assemblies used on tactical wheeled vehicles.  Some have given unserviceable assemblies condition code “H – unserviceable, condemned,” when the code should have been “F – unserviceable, reparable.”
Wheel assemblies are repairable items.  So you can save money by making sure the correct condition code is applied.  Here are a few tips to help you figure out which condition code to use:
H Coding
If there is serious rim damage, such as rim gashes, major bends or kinks, excessive rust damage, cracks, or lots of wear around lug nut holes, the rim is unusable and the condition code should be “H.”
F Coding
For basically all other issues that would make the wheel assembly unserviceable, the condition code should be “F.”  This includes conditions such as a flat tire, expired shelf life, tread depth that’s past its wear point, tire damage like cracking or holes, and  valve or nut damage.
It’s More Than Just the Tire
The condition of the tire itself isn’t the same as the condition of the complete assembly.  So don’t use just the tire to determine the condition code for the entire wheel assembly.
Need more help deciding which condition code to use for your unit’s unserviceable wheel assemblies?  See if Table C-38 in AR 725-50, Requisitioning, Receipt, and Issue System, (Nov 95), helps you out.  Or contact TACOM LCMC’s tire and wheel assembly team at 586-467-6276 or email:


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