AN/APX-118(C)… Depot Removes and Replaces

 he Army has made a change to the source, maintenance and recoverability (SMR) codes of the following parts used in the AN/APX-118(C) transponder set, NSN 5895-01-504-0407:



Circuit card


Circuit card


Crypto module




Power supply


Circuit card (RF module)


 The specific change is to the maintenance code, 3rd position.  Field maintenance is no longer allowed to remove and replace the parts.  From now on, only depot maintenance is allowed to remove and replace them.  So, make a note in the RPSTL of TM 11-5895-1733-13&P (Jun 04) until the TM is updated to show the maintenance code has changed to D for these items.

    If your unit has placed an order for any of these parts, it will be cancelled.  If you have an unserviceable transponder that needs any of the parts, turn it in and order a replacement.  Delete the parts from your authorized stockage list (ASL) as soon as possible.

    The Army made the SMR code changes to ensure that all subassemblies within the higher assembly are fully compatible.  Only depot level maintenance can perform the compatibility tests.


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