Generator Set Training

Do you need help maintaining your generator sets?  Project Manager, Mobile Electric Power (PM-MEP), has developed a series of online training classes to help maintainers keep their generators in top shape.  The PM-MEP generator training site is on Land War Net at:

You’ll need an AKO login and password to access the site.


Containerized Kitchen Winch

Need a good NSN for the winch that lowers and raises the side panels on your containerized kitchen?  Item 1 in Fig 2 of TM 10-7360-226-13&P (Aug 01, w/Ch 4, Mar 07) lists the wrong NSN: 3950-01-515-2999.  The correct NSN is 3950-01-511-1191.  This NSN brings a winch repair kit that contains two winches.  Make a note in the repair parts list until the TM is updated.


Order Soft Top Installation Kit by Components

 If you have a standardized integrated command post system (SICPS), read this carefully.  The MK-2727/G soft top installation kit (STIK), NSN 5450-01-359-3350, LIN J87705, is a terminal item and is out of production.  But you can order the STIK’s components through the Army supply system.  If you need a component list or if you have any questions, call CECOM’s Cathy Siegel at DSN 648-3933, (443) 395-3933, or email:


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