Small Arms, CBRN…Carson COMET Offers Help

    Through its years of helping units with their maintenance and supply problems, the Ft Carson command maintenance training team (COMET) offers these suggestions:

Do not put more than one weapon on a job order when you enter it in SAMS-E.  Armorers can list up to 10 weapons on a single job order.  But that’s a problem. When the job order is put in SAMS-E, only the serial number of the first weapon is updated.  The other serial numbers have to be entered manually or their information is lost.  In the long run, it’s simpler just to limit each job order to one weapon.

Each unit should develop and follow their own SOP for their arms rooms and CBRN rooms.  Some units are just transferring SOPs from other installations and not even bothering to change the names.   Proper inventory of items like the small arms tool kit is not being done.  M40 masks aren’t being tracked for expired canisters and PATS testing.


If your unit needs help with SOPs and you have a local COMET team, you’re in luck.  Every COMET team has a CD with SOPs for arms rooms, CBRN rooms, commo, supply and maintenance, plus regulations and checklists.  They’ll be glad to provide you a copy.  Just don’t forget to modify the SOP to make it specific to your unit.  There are COMET teams at Forts Bragg, Stewart, Drum, Campbell, Hood, Carson, Riley, Polk, Bliss and JBLM.

If you have received JCAD, turn in  ACADA.   ACADAs are being replaced by the joint chemical agent detector (JCAD).  The ACADA should be gone by FY 17.  Once you receive the JCAD, you don’t need the ACADA.


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